Spy Magazine

Not just “Separated at Birth”, but also Elvis Presley’s weight on other planets, “Log-rolling in our time” (reciprocal book blurbs), and “The Spy 100″ (“our annual list of the 100 most annoying, alarming and appalling people, places and things”). A Spy 100 entry from 1990: “83. The Democracy Hook. Leave it to corporate America to single out a joyous world event – the dismantling of the Berlin Wall – and sully it. Scarcely had the Eastern Europeans begun to revel when Pepsico, AT&T and Jovan arrived in Berlin to film gloating, we-capitalists-were-right-all-along ads for the folks back home.” In its heyday, I read all of every issue three times. It was more than enjoyable; it was analgesic. I read it at the gym while working out – nothing made exercise more tolerable than Spy.