The Shangri-La Diet

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The Shangri-La Diet

“A weight-loss theory that just might benefit a few million people.” Stephen Dubner, co- author of Freakonomics

“In fact, it might benefit a few billion.” Dennis Prager,
The Dennis Prager Show interview with Seth Roberts.

“You actively feel like not eating … It’s a kind of not hungry that you’ve never felt before”Joyce Cohen, NY Times columnist.

“It’s been two weeks since I started and oh-my-god … Within three days I was actually forgetting to eat.”Kathy Sierra, co-author of Head First Java and blogger.

“It has been a very positive experience and weight loss is only one of the benefits”Food Chronicler.

The Woman’s World article (“Instant Willpower!”)

Watch a CBC mini-documentary (9 minutes) about the diet.

These four graphs show the progress of Shangri-la Dieters who have posted their progress in
the tracking section of the forums (no longer in service).

  • Persons posting their weight: 125
  • Total weeks of data: 804
  • Total weight change (ld): -903
  • Average weight change/week (ld/week): -1.1

Heard on the forums

“I am seeing some results — I am feeling fuller with smaller portions and my sweet tooth seems to have lost its fangs. Example: It is normal for me to eat one of those 2-portion bags of M&M’s in one sitting, but on Friday at the movies, I only ate half. And, weirder still, I still have possession of the bag and there are still M&M’s in there.” — melissacb

“The loss of appetite is wonderful so I quit when I am full — so yes I have changed my eating habits. This morning I woke up no appetite. I used to be a big breakfast eater so scrambled a couple of eggs could only eat one so shared them with my dog. ‘The dog is loving my loss of appetite too.’ I also am drinking a lot more water. I used to choke it down; now it is my drink of choice. I think for me snacking was my demon — after lunch within 15 minutes I would be hungry again and would eat from that time on until after dinner and I am not tempted anymore.” — patsi

“I’m enormously grateful for this diet, and astonished at how easy it is. I like the side benefits and the fact that I’m enjoying different foods than I used to. It’s going to take a long time to lose anywhere near the amount of weight I need to, and I’m okay with that. I’m more than okay, I’m thrilled. ” — frenata

“I’ve been on SLD since the 1st of June. For the first 3 weeks, nothing, no appetite suppression, just will power. Then through some posts and some help I upped my intake of oil from 2 tbl spoons a day to 4 and that is what did it for me. Since June 22 I now feel like all those posts that you read about and hope to achieve. AMAZING when you find your set point. … Since then I don’t feel hungry in the morning, for lunch have a couple of pieces of fresh fruit, for dinner I steam some vegetables and a piece of good wheat bread and that’s it for the day. It’s just unbelievable. Not hardly eating anything and don’t feel like it either. NO CRAVINGS either. And, I’m a psychological and emotional eater too. It just seems to take care of everything. WOW!! … This is life changing stuff! ” — Jim

More comments heard on the  forums


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The forums (no longer active) contain helpful information about the diet. This is about the self-experimentation behind the diet.

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