“I Hate Dreamhost!” Beware, Potential Dreamhost Customers

I recently got the following email:

I googled “dreamhost sucks” and found your blog. I really hate this company. I have a small business and they somehow managed to create a second account for my company in spite of the fact that we never requested one.  Then they emailed us that we owed more money on our account and shut off our access and emails due to the amount overdue.  After months of various DH staffers replying to my emails (we hadn’t ever selected phone support so they would only correspond via email) the problems were finally passed to a “supervisor”.  The supervisor promptly cancelled the duplicate account and reset our live and fully paid account so that we could use it again.  This took months of frustration and provision of the same information to the different DH staffers.  There is obviously no communications within their staff there.  Very frustrating.
Today, they sent an email to me requesting an additional albeit minor sum of $9.95 for a temporary account that was created when nobody at my company could access our account.  They insist we created it and pay for it or they’ll suspend our live account.  I complained and asked for the same supervisor that resolved DH’s past errors, and the staffer, Jay H, promptly cancelled our fully paid, live account, and told me we still had to pay for this temporary account created by a DH staffer when we didn’t even have access to our site and emails due to DH’s original errors!!
So frustrating. I’m now looking for a new domain and web host company, with excellent customer service and professionalism.  DH doesn’t take responsibility for their own errors and seems to dream up ways to charge clients extra money for stuff they never requested. Outside of the online world, this would be called extortion.
Feel free to post. I hate Dreamhost!
As do I. I wish I had left the second I discovered they hadn’t backed up my site, after saying they had. (They had backed up only a small fraction of it.) After that, my sites kept getting hacked. First, we moved this blog and www.sethroberts.net off Dreamhost. They stopped getting hacked. Then the Shangri-La Diet forums got hacked. We moved them off Dreamhost. No more hacking. The cost of even one incident of hacking is far more than you will ever save from their low rates.
Dreamhost hacked — and see the comments.

Even More Astonishingly Bad Dreamhost Support

Dreamhost supplies a way to backup your website. You click a button, a few hours later you get an email telling you to go to a certain place to download a set of files. Those files are supposed to be the backup. That’s what I did. I got a message that said:

Ta da!  Your ENTIRE DreamHost account has been backed up now here: . . .

Note the emphasis: ENTIRE. Now it appears those files don’t work. They aren’t a complete backup of my website!!!

In spite of this astonishing fact, someone in Dreamhost Customer Support told me ” We havent had any users report issues with the backups that we create.” Amazing. No users ever!

I want to hire someone to fix the problem. If you have the technical skills to (a) repair the SMF forums (which will require upgrading) and (b) help me transfer to a new hosting service, please contact me. You can reach me at twoutopias ..[at]…. gmail.com.

More Someone kindly offered to help me and the problem has been fixed. I still hate Dreamhost. When I complained bitterly about their bad backup, in reply they sent me an email that implied it was my fault! If you send me your stories about bad experiences with Dreamhost, I would be happy to post them.