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  1. When I was a fresher our University Principal held a Nobel Prize in Physics. Nowadays almost every university boss I read about seems to be a creep, a twerp, or a crook, of little or no academic distinction. It’s been less than two generations, for heaven’s sake.

  2. Dearieme, universities were also once bastions of free speech and non-conformity (e.g., compare Berkeley circa 1966 with Berkeley circa 2014). Not anymore. Orwellian newspeak, doublethink, thoughtcrime and PC propaganda rule the roost today. Even historically Catholic universities have been infected with this horrible virus. And it’s not by accident. That “long march through the institutions” is proceeding exactly as planned.

  3. Fairly grim stuff about Brandeis. Probably the biggest disappointment of my professional life was realizing that Universities are not very much like what I imagined them to be.

  4. Interesting story about the Hadza gut biome. From what I can tell, we know almost nothing, since, on paper, their gut biomes seem awful despite their good health.

  5. What interested me was perhaps their overall health despite quite a bit of honey and tubers. Their diet didn’t seem all that diverse as stated in the articles I have read. I kind of mull that over in my mind as I think about how it is recommended to us to eat a diverse diet. Is diversity overrated? But then without diversity how do they/we acquire select nutrients.

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