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Thanks to Alex Chernavsky.

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  1. A study on the effect of medications on falls in the elderly, and not one word about statin drugs? Amazing. Simply amazing.

  2. Thank you for the link to the page by the guy who is a speed reader with cancer.

    It’s interesting that this particular guy did _not_ say “I’m a speed reader, therefore I went on the internet and tried to find a bunch of web pages to speed read.”

    Instead, he said: “I have the ability to speed read very technical material, so I went to the library at Duke and read over 800 papers on melanoma … ”

    It’s really interesting that he found a promising new (to him and his doctors) idea for his own therapy.

    It’s also extremely interesting that there are comments on that page where people talk about their own success stories fighting cancer, despite their doctor’s gloomy prognosis.

    In addition, there is this: “…in Latvia, Melanoma is treated by virotherapy drug name Rigvir. Basically you ingest a virus that is deadly to melanoma but harmless to humans.”

    There are articles about Rigvir and Oncolytic Viruses on Wikipedia.

    Also, here are some resources described (but not necessarily available online) by the UCLA library catalog.^&searchType=1

  3. Only those that survive cancer have the ability to tell you about it.
    What’s hard to determine is exactly what helped, if at all.

    That indeterminable thing Is the only thing that would help another patient

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