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  1. How are your sinuses? I was helped so much by your Baby Shampoo post. I am anti Komen for many reasons. Komen thinks Mastectomy, radiation, and chemo: Moderate and normal. Not eating meat: Radical and ridiculous.

    Komen uses 85% of the $$ they take in to make MORE money, not on “the cure” at all and they focus on drugs and “moderation” instead of what we all already KNOW will help prevent cancer–a low fat, plant-based diet!!!!!!!!!!

    The pink ribbon on the KFC bucket of chicken was the last straw for me.

  2. Do we really KNOW that Shelley, or do we just think we know it because of some grand epidemiological studies and confusion over the healthy user effect? I’m certainly unconvinced. I mean, we KNEW 40 years ago that lowering saturated fat and increasing carbs would make us all healthy and free of heart disease and diabetes. Many of us still know it. And now we’re all fat. From past presentations, Seth was (is?) eating half a stick of butter a day.
    I suspect reduction of processed foods and all the inflammatory crap in them is much more important than minimising animal protein.

  3. The rant missed other problems with Komen. For an organization that goes after other charities, and not just cancer groups, who use “for a/the cure,” it doesn’t care that much about a cure. It spends just 21% of its budget on research.

    When my friend was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer seven years ago Komen didn’t even have any information about it on their website. IBC affects younger women, has a high mortality rate, does not show up on mammogram, and is frequently misdiagnosed as an infection. It really needs the awareness push.

    Komen also decided in 2112 to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood, which for many women is the only place they can afford to get a mammogram. The backlash convinced Komen to reverse course, but it was an eye opener for many people who had supported the group until then.

  4. GB- Have you read the China Study?

    The research project culminated in a 20-year partnership of Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, a survey of diseases and lifestyle factors in rural China and Taiwan. More commonly known as the China Study, “this project eventually produced more than 8000 statistically significant associations between various dietary factors and disease.”

    The findings? “People who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease … People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease. These results could not be ignored,” said Dr. Campbell.

  5. Interesting on the soya… Want to test myself, had been avoiding soya — Seth, can you email me the R code you use for your reaction time testing? Thanks!

    Seth: I’m no longer distributing it for free. Sorry.

  6. Shelley, have you read these

    “Denise got hold of the raw study data and took it apart with a fine-toothed comb. And what she found is that the claims Campbell made in his China Study book are not supported by the data. She also found important data points Campbell never bothered to mention in the book because they didn’t support his vegan agenda”

    Denise Minger dismantles The China Study:

  7. Cover to cover Shelley. When I mentioned ‘grand epidemiological studies’, that’s the chief one I had in mind. I’m all for people doing whatever makes them feel healthiest, so best of luck to you. I’ve got some great friends who went vegan and feel the best the ever have (hence why I read the book 5 years ago and did quite a lot of amateur research and self-experimentation afterward). But you shouldn’t say ‘what we all already know will help prevent cancer’ based on that work, it cannot and hasn’t proven anything scientifically. And the follow up trials haven’t been enough to bring me around as yet. Again, the evidence for removing processed rubbish and large amounts of sugar seem much, much more clear cut. But good luck to you if you’ve found what works!

  8. Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms. Never has. That was a made-up media sob story. Check your facts.

    That said, Komen’s caving to political and media pressure in that widely publicized incident seems to have ticked off both supporters and critics of Planned Parenthood and prompted many to take a closer look at Komen.

  9. Joe- Denise Minger? I believe she was apx 23 when she wrote her first rebuttal to the China Study, she is not a doctor, nurse or scientist and on one of her blogs she is self described as a tutor, free lance writer and website designer – are those adequate qualifications to provide a rebuttal to decades of unbiased peer reviewed research? I certainly don’t think she is qualified. Whoever is backing Denise Minger, is she the best they can do? Can’t they find a real doctor with decades of research to provide a serious rebuttal?
    My question to Denise Minger is, if you are as smart as you say you are and you’re “community” gives you credit for, why can’t you understand the plant based doctors you talk of are promoting a whole food plant based diet rather than a vegan diet? She is supposed to be brilliant, yet she seemingly cannot grasp the whole food plant based diet concept she is supposedly intelligent enough to debunk. If she was legitimate why not just be honest and straight forward about her information without playing games and trying to deceive?

    Is Denise Minger really the best the low carbers can come up with in their battle against the plant based doctors? They couldn’t find a Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn or Dr. T. Colin Campbell type with professional stature and decades of research and field work to make their case? These days with the internet, Facebook and Twitter everyone with a camera is an expert on any topic regardless of their qualifications, even Denise Minger.
    Heeeeeeere’s Denise:

    This is an absolutely perfect example of why Dr Mc Dougall refuses to call himself a vegan. In her talk, Ms. Minger never mentions that Dr. M has said many times that there are lots of UNhealthy vegans. The point isn’t veganism but healthful eating. Which all the plant based gurus espouse. I can’t off hand remember all her arguments but I do remember the one about Seventh day adventist vegans and vegetarians having a higher rate of all cause mortality than seventh day adventists who eat fish. However, if you look at the numbers she gave, the difference appears to be small and they are comparing ovo lacto vegetarians to those who eat fish. Which to me is another reason not to eat milk and eggs.

    The PrimitiveNutrition videos and HealthyLongevity pretty much counter all her arguments on this video.
    Minger is a perfect example of a lowcarber nutritionist: she is not a doctor, she is not a nutritionist, she has not enough competence respect to a real nutritionist or doctor, she tricks the articles, she tricks the people, she tricks with all the news that she finds only to adapt the truth to her thought.

    She’s so inarticulate and silly that she may actually be doing vegans a favor. With so many negative things to fight in the world, why spend her energy fighting vegans whose philosophy is harmlessness ? It really baffles me. She must feel guilty and this is her way of dealing with it.

  10. Shelley:

    “are those adequate qualifications to provide a rebuttal to decades of unbiased peer reviewed research?”

    You’re pulling my leg, right?

    “She’s so inarticulate and silly”

    That’s pretty much the way I feel about McDougall. Plus, he’s a pretty nasty guy, too.

    We’re not going to change each other’s minds, Shelley. Why not give this topic a rest?

  11. Oh go on Joe have you ever met Dr Mc Dougall in person? NO I am sure you have not. How can you say he’s a nasty guy? For a 70-something you should know better than to say someone is nasty whom you have never even met.

    I am not pulling your leg about Denise!

    I listened again to part of a crappy speech of Denise Mingers. There is lots of evidence during it that she is reciting something someone else wrote with all the stumbling she does throughout it. Further this is what she used to have up on her webpage, before she had the sense to take it down:

    Denise Minger wrote:
    About Me

    … I started college when I was 16, switching majors about ten times but ultimately deciding on English.

    I currently live in Portland, Oregon and work as a freelance health writer, teacher, and web designer.

    Joe-you are 70 so you surely must know what freelance writers do-right ? They write what they are paid to, when they are paid to, for whoever pays them! In her case I think the stupid jokes, failed irony, and stupid quips are all her, but the cherry picked out of context, and twisted data from studies she cites and the minority conclusions she presents as mainstream research is fed to her.
    I am sure she is quite well paid for her services and I don’t see her as really caring about health — hers or that of others, just like all the other low carb, high animal products, fad diet pushers. It is obvious that the only thing she brings is lame jokes and failed irony, while someone else is feeding her info and paying her bills.

    I give up on you Joe but perhaps someone with a modicrum of common sense can learn from what I posted about Denise. Joe I feel bad for you are 70 and you have been duped.

  12. Joe-at 59 seconds you can see Loren Cordain & his book “The Paleo Diet”

    Where do you get the idea that eating lots of meat and fat lowers cholesterol? When someone is losing weight, their cholesterol lowers. However, at some point the cholesterol has to go up because you are eating lots of meat and fat. On the Atkins diet, the LDL is high.

    Jimmy Moore who has a website called Livin La Vida Lo Carb has GAINED weight on his paleo low carb diet and now is on a diet that is even higher in fat and is ketogenic. In a talk in Australia which is on you tube somewhere on the net he says his cholesterol is over 340 and his LDL is around 240. He isn’t worried. Some people think there is no connection between cholesterol and heart health–!!!!

    I am wondering how Jimmy got fat on his paleo diet which is supposed to be the best for losing weight (according to the primal diet people). He evidently thinks it is because he wasn’t eating enough fat-!

    Esselstyn’s book on preventing and reversing heart disease is worth reading – it will make you confident you have the tools and info to talk to doctors & others who spout nonsense. I know the plant based diet helps with not only heart disease but every other chronic condition as well. That is the beauty of the Mc Dougall program. One diet, one approach to combating ALL chronic conditions. Some people hate it to hear that one diet can be the answer for the vast majority of issues but it’s completely correct. Getting on board is a win-win proposition. Do not pass up the opportunity to read Esselstyn’s book. Great info is in there.

    Plant Positive has made a series of excellent videos.
    He provides a lot of citations and points out how Paleo is
    a FAD diet.

    this first video is a good one. It’s concise and worthwhile

    Paleo is the latest re-packaging of low carb.

    The Mc Dougall way of eating is very simple. My advice to anyone is this: just follow it for 4 weeks and see if you like
    how you feel. Get your weight before starting, a lipid profile and glucose. And then have another test at the end.

    It does not matter what other people saw or did not see. It is a sample of one in the end !

    Why would you rely on what others report, when you can have the answer in 4 weeks for yourself?

  13. “Where do you get the idea that eating lots of meat and fat lowers cholesterol? When someone is losing weight, their cholesterol lowers. However, at some point the cholesterol has to go up because you are eating lots of meat and fat. On the Atkins diet, the LDL is high?

    One last time, I couldn’t care less about my LDL level! Because it has nothing to do with my health (unless it gets too low). But here’s a few things (for those of you who still believe in the lipid hypothesis) that WILL get better, your HDL will go way up, your trigs will virtually disappear, and your LDL particle size will be large and fluffy, all of which are supposedly VERY “good things.”

    “Some people think there is no connection between cholesterol and heart health–!!!!”

    Count me among them!

    Read these books: Malcomb Kendrick, “The Great Cholesterol Con,” David R. Hastings, “Cholesterol Conspiracy,” Uffe Ravnskov, “Ignore the Awkward, How the Cholesterol Myths are Kept Alive,” David S. Grimes, “You Will Not Die From a Heart Attack,” Kilmer McCully, “The Heart Revolution,” Stephen Sinatra and Jonny Bowden, ” The Great Cholesterol Myth,” Ernest Curtis, “The Cholesterol Delusion,” David Evans, “Low Cholesterol Leads to an Early Death, Evidence From 101 Scientific Papers,” etc. Those will hold you for a while (actually, I know you will never read any of them, because Dr. McDougall said you shouldn’t, but maybe others will).

    “How can you say he’s a nasty guy?”

    Because I know people who know him very well, plus the fact that I’ve heard him on the radio. And you act very much like him.

  14. She hasn’t had it nearly as hard as your poor ol’ husband, who must feel like he’s married to Tammy Faye Bakker herself, EH?

    The horror. The horror.

  15. Shelley, if you want to question the lack of credentials of Minger, this probably isn’t the blog to be doing it at. One of Seth’s great interests is the advantages that an amateur outsider can have over inside professionals – time and time again they make the breakthroughs in science. Question Minger’s processes and conclusions if you wish, but to question her lack of authority is a lazy and ill-thought approach.

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