Fermented Foods/Probiotics Clear Lungs?

On this blog, Peter commented:

Lactobacillus brevis also is found in pickled turnips. I’ve used it for weeks and noticed a difference. It seems to clear my lungs [emphasis added] (I probably have a low level infection that once cleared by taking intravenous antibiotics). I buy the Japanese style fermented turnips.

At Mr. Heisenbug, libfree commented:

I’ve taking the probiotic for just this week (twice a day plus some kimchi when I can + I started eating Kimchi at the beginning of last week) and I’ve seen some dramatic improvements. My feet have always had dry, itchy skin which has just disappeared. I have a cronic bunionette, a bunion on the outside edge of the foot, that has softened dramatically. My Rosacea hasn’t changed at all. Sinuses seem better but I’m still holding off on weather this intervention is helping. The most dramatic change has been in my lower respiratory area. My lungs are nearly free of mucus. I don’t remember a time that they were this clear. [emphasis added]

Lungs: canary in the coal mine of modern life?

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  1. Forgot to add. I wonder if resistant starch in combination would help also. Particularly potato starch. Might help feed healthier microbes.


    Here’s a couple of links to the guy who experimented with resistant starches.



  2. Sam,

    I don’t particularly like kimchi or kraut and I find Kombucha too expensive to drink on a regular basis. I take the Jarrow v299 supplement twice a day. I did it originally hoping it would do something about my Rosacea. Then I noticed the dry skin on my feet cleared up, I stopped coughing up phlem all the time and my gums stopped bleeding. I tried the flax seed oil and fish oil for the gums for a few months and it seemed to help a little but they stubbornly remained sore and bleeding. I’ve had this problem since I was a child and the dentist told me it was because I wasn’t brushing enough. The were still telling me that last year.

    I have a follow up, because it didn’t do anything to clear the chronic congestion in my nasal passages. I read about someone that swabbed their nose with kimchi juice and cleared up chronic sinusitis. I got to thinking that If I was ingesting Kimchi rather than swallowing a supplement, that the bacteria would be working into my sinuses and into my lungs as I breathed. As an experiment, I started swabbing my nose with the Jarrow v299 once a day. The change has been dramatic. I’m 4 days in and have had 4 morning where I could breathe through my nose when I woke up. At most, I have one morning here or there where that happens. I’ve also seen steady improvements in congestion in my nose. Still too short to know for sure but I’m thinking I’m on to something.

  3. “…swabbing my nose with the Jarrow v299 once a day…” That’s extremely interesting.
    I used to have chronic sinus. Jerry Pournelle advised using a sinupulse to wash out the sinuses. I bought one and used it for a year frequently and after a while I rarely needed it. I still use it every now and then but it’s made a tremendous difference. A netti pot would also work but I believe the pulsing helps. Over time I’ve changed my washing liquid. Now I use a prepackaged salt baking soda mixture, then I add one teaspoon xylitol, 1/2 teaspoon of H2O2, and three drops of 2% Lugols solution.
    One thing about the Water kefir is it’s cheap. A little sugar, water and maybe molasses. Lot cheaper than any supplement.

  4. A drizzle of that Manuka honey into the nose with the head laid back over the edge of the bed is all I use to heal the sinuses. To avoid the risk of complication, I only do one nostril at a time. Some burning and ‘fright’ accompanied my first attempt, but was apparently mostly mental, but with asthmatics, it might be dangerous.

    They stay clean for many months thereafter, although I do seem to have some weakness there (my father had many complications of the sinuses, so guess I inherited some of that memory).’

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