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  1. Seth, first link was very interesting. Ok, I admit that the pics of cute girl didn’t hurt, but also discussion of benefits of honey (e.g. for wound dressing) are very interesting to me. I had a question about the exact definition of “raw honey” Since reading about it here, I have been taking a tsp of honey about 5 to 6 nights per week and have noticed significant reduction in sleep latency — as in, I used to be able to read in bed, now when I try to read, I get through a few sentences and then conk out. I have purchased a few bottles/jars of “raw honey” from Sprouts, a local grocery store here in LA. In some cases, this “raw honey” comes in a jar and is solid at room temperature. Other containers, also labeled “raw” contain honey that is liquid at room temperature and also a little bit darker than the honey that comes in a jar. As far as anybody knows, is there any significant difference between the “solid at room temperature” and “liquid at room temperature” honey. For what it’s worth I haven’t noticed a difference myself but would be curious to hear from others on this.

  2. Seth,

    Anytime I read about sleep, there’s always the lark/owl distinction. Your sleep discoveries seem to suggest that with all the oscillators working correctly and in sync that there is no real distinction (i.e. all humans in a given area would have the same circadian rhythm). I just started morning faces and it has been terrible to drag myself up early. If being a “night owl” truly is inherent then it would be better to do it later. I’d love to know your thoughts.

    Seth: I completely agree with your interpretation of my research — that “with all the oscillators working correctly” there would be no night owls. Lack of the right (best) environment increases variability, including person to person variation. You could say the wrong environment reveals underlying genetic variability. It is hard to know the best time to watch morning faces, you should just try different times. And the more sunlight (and Vitamin D) you get in the morning, the earlier you will wake up.

  3. Reading about Tyrone Hayes’ battle with Syngerta just confirmed what I already knew: companies like Syngerta and Monsanto are pure evil.

    Seth: They never considered the possibility their activities might be exposed.

  4. The acne photo series shows her becoming noticeably leaner as her skin became clearer. Is it possible she simultaneously stopped consuming something else, such as dairy or other carbohydrate?

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