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Thanks to Phil Alexander, Joseph B. and John Batzel

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  1. carbs and sugars at night definitely keep me calm at night and it’s easy to fall back asleep when i wake up.

    However: I’m still trying to figure out a way to stop having to wake up and pee at night. That’s the next step.

  2. That’s the same Epstein interview you linked to on the 7th.

    Still, fascinating stuff, and now I’m wondering how the diamond cartel has managed to maintain focus instead of just trying to slide along on past dominance.

  3. Lactobacillus brevis also is found in pickled turnips. I’ve used it for weeks and noticed a difference. It seems to clear my lungs (i probably have a low level infection that once cleared by i took intravenous antibiotics). I buy the Japanese style fermented turnips. I’ll try the Japanese pickles, since they probably taste better.

  4. In the sugar for insomnia article: “I’ve even skipped the spoon and just stuck a wet finger into my little sleepy dust container and licked it off, and that works, too. Puts you back to sleep in no time!”

    That just makes me think there’s something else going on here. Not exactly placebo, but having to do with degree of suggestibility.

    A few granules of sugar and salt puts him back to sleep in no time?

    I ain’t buying it. 🙂

  5. The “Sugar for insomnia” article was interesting. But I thought I’d forget about it before I ever got to use it because I rarely have the type of insomnia this trick addresses (e.g. can’t fall back asleep in middle of night, after waking).

    Lo and behold, last night I had this type of insomnia (due to over-training, something I consciously avoid, but couldn’t avoid yesterday). I awoke at 330am and couldn’t fall back asleep. At 530am I decided to give the salt + sugar trick a try, and I was back out like a light. Too bad I had to get up an hour later:(

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