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  1. The misbehaviour of a Search Committee is God’s way of shouting “Don’t be an academic”. Unusually sound advice from the old boy, I’d say.

  2. I’d find the scoliosis treatment article more credible if they showed before and after x-rays. Less pain and easier breathing are great but what is the actual long-term prognosis, especially if the curvature is severe. My daughter had the rods put in her back about 10 years ago and has done extremely well since – very active and no pain. She only has some limits in flexibility such as yoga or dance moves. If there had been another option at the time I would have pursued it but we were told her curvature was one that would continue to increase as she aged (most scoliosis doesn’t progress after the child hits puberty, she was one of the unlucky ones that did).

  3. That reminds me… Seth, did you see the club foot piece on Morning Edition this week?

    It’s the classic story-line of motivated parents empowered by information sharing made possible by the internet up-ending the highly-invasive (and highly lucrative) surgical status quo, er, standard of care with a 50 year-old non-invasive technique developed by a country doc in fly-over country.

    How Parents and the Internet Transformed Clubfoot Treatment

    Seth: Thanks. Yes, I did see it and put it in an upcoming Assorted Links.

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