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Thanks to Gerry Mandel, Casey Manion and Jeff Winkler.

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  1. Hi Seth! Love your stuff. I follow this basketball coach/trainer’s blog, and thought of you:

    “Why did I prevent the player from using ice? Everyone knows that RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is the accepted treatment for an injury like an ankle sprain. Whereas it is accepted, is it the best treatment? When a player twisted his ankle earlier in the season, and went to the doctor, the doctor told him to rest 3-5 days and ice the ankle. Who am I to suggest that a medical doctor was incorrect? Of course, he missed almost two weeks of practice time and games doing his own form of rehab (he went home, so I never saw him), whereas this player could have returned to the same game and played the next day without any rest or ice (just compression and elevation).”

  2. A sportsperson brave enough to rub a little Manuka Honey on the throbbing spot as immediately as possible after the incident will be amazed at how the honey talks to the cells in such sweet tones that the trauma is extinguished as though water had been put on a fire.

    The ice trick was mainly to prevent bruising, as that was a visible sign. However, for healing to commence (and infection and bruising to be prevented) blood flow needs to be adequate with plenty of nutrient in it as well. The Honey ensures both. The extent of the injury is crucial, of course, but the effect of the honey is welcomed by the tissue regardless.

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