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Thanks to Saul Sternberg, Bob Levinson and Alex Chernavsky.

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  1. You’re not reading these snippets carefully enough, Seth. The aspirin at night study didn’t find that “Patients who took blood pressure medication at night were about a third as likely to have a heart attack or stroke as morning medication takers”. That was some other study. This aspirin study found no effect on blood pressure of when the aspirin was taken.

    It also didn’t find that taking aspirin in the evening vs morning reduced stroke or heart attack rates. It only found that evening aspirin reduced platelet activity the next morning, and it didn’t measure even half of the participants at that. And the study wasn’t blinded to the participants, either.


    Seth: I knew that blood pressure medication is not the same as aspirin. I agree, my brief description did not make that clear. I hope you can make an equally long list of what was good about the aspirin study.

  2. If you wake up feeling “jittery” you should check your blood sugar. I’ve found that if I wake up like this, it’s usually somewhat elevated (~95 to 110). I’ve also observed that if I lay around in bed reading for a few hours, it will also rise a little. But getting up between 5:30 and 8:00, and getting the day started seems to keep sugar in the normal range.

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