Self-Experimenters Wanted: Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura

A woman named Sara Lake has a condition called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP),  an autoimmune condition in which your body makes antibodies to your own platelets. She wrote:

I’m having some success keeping my platelet levels on the  “high side of very low” using diet and lifestyle, but there is so little research into this rare disorder that I’m just trying anything my education suggests might help. I would love to connect with other self-experimenters with this condition.  I believe that most, if not all, autoimmune conditions can be cured if the triggers are identified (for example, as has been done in the case of celiac disease), but it’s a long process. If you know of any other people with this disease please pass on my email address, which is sara.lake (at)

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  2. I self-experimented successfully with ITP. I had a recurrence, after having a splenectomy that seemed to work for four years or so. When it recurred, I went to a doctor who prescribed prednisone. Instead of immediately starting on the recommended dosage I eased into it—started with much smaller amounts than prescribed, then ramped up slowly until I saw an effect. I was getting daily blood tests at the time, and used the tests to monitor platelet levels.

    When I got to a normal level, I plateaued the dosage, and then gradually ramped down. I found that the platelet levels stayed normal as I decreased the dose, and when I was off. I have not had a recurrence in about 25 years. I’m sorry, I don’t remember amounts, but the ramp up and down periods were about 3 weeks each.

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