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  1. There were some sweets, but they were limited to seasonal fruits, perhaps for a few weeks of the year. Perhaps some sugar cane, which was simply sucked on, not processed and added to every food. Paleo-style desserts are at least as tasty as sugar-laden sweets. The sweetness comes from things like stevia, xylitol, honey, dates, fruits, and maple syrup.

    For example, I can make you some chocolate avocado brownies that you will never be able to tell from regular old brownies. You would never know they were made from avocados if I didn’t tell you beforehand. And they contain ZERO sugar!

  2. Honey is pure sugar. It is hunter gatherers favorite food.

    Paleo guys should just eat fruit.

    “Order Without Law” is a good book.

    Seth: Honey is 20% water.

  3. Yes, honey is sugar. But then, so are ALL carbohydrates! Used judiciously, say, for infrequent baking, it’s no big deal. Since baking, per se, is emphatically not paleo, neither would using fruit be paleo. But Loren Cordain, the Godfather of paleo, says that the 80-20 rule is probably good enough. Eat strictly paleo 80% of the time, and bend the rules a bit the other 20% of the time. Which is what I do.

    Nota bene: From a strictly paleo point of view, eating a little honey once in a great while is probably better for you than eating fruit everyday, because hunter/gatherers couldn’t possibly have had fruit available to them all year long. It’s a seasonal item.

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