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  1. An anecdote for WBV: my parents have one of these in their physical therapist/personal training studio. One day my little cousin and aunt visited. My cousin was 4 at the time and has very noticeable ADHD. He was running around like a crazy kid does, plopped down on the machine, my mother turned it on, and he immediately calmed down. It was like a light switch had been turned OFF. He was calm and serene with a pleasant smile on his face. The effect only lasted as long as the machine was vibrating. It was quite remarkable.

    My mother has also used it successfully for a patient with MS that was told by his doctor that he “would never” ride a bike. He rode a bike soon after that.

    I think it has demonstrated interesting effects on the brain. Personally, I think it feels fabulous and use it for stretching often.

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