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Thanks to Alex Chernavsky and Dave Lull.

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  1. Seth, I was intrigued to learn that there are also people online who claim that methods based on Dr. John Sarno’s theories about Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS), can be used to combat insomnia.

  2. 4 years ago I also got rid of back pain by reading John-Sarno’s book, the mind body prescription. When I started reading this blog I was wondering how it is possible Sarno’s thoughts for pain hasn’t cought Seth Roberts attention (since other meaningful heresies related to medicine had).

  3. Hi Seth,

    I’ll vouch for Sarno. I’ve given the book to at least a dozen people who were considering back surgery and/or in serious pain and it worked in all cases.

    He comes from a psychodynamic perspective (repressed narcissistic rage is a key construct) that might be over theorizing. As I read him, he is essentially working on an ethical way to elicit the placebo effect transparently.

    I recommend this book to anyone with back pain or anything else that might be psychodynamic (which is lots).

  4. After reading Sarnos book I got rid of lower pelvis chronic pain and carpal syndrome that were with me for some years (I went to all the traditional doctors and tried all the usual treatments with zero success). At the time and even now it looked like a miracle as I went from pain to no pain in one week. And I am a very objective and scientific oriented person.

  5. Not that I don’t appreciate omega 3 (it was actually this blog that got me hooked on it) but this sounds a bit dubious. Parents of low intelligence (and low reading skills) are probably less informed about omega 3 so IQ becomes a confounding variable.

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