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Thanks to Aaron Blaisdell and Peter Lewis.

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  1. I had a pint of Erdinger(hefe) that had sat in a poorly maintained keg in a bar in Wan Chai for so long that it had gone pleasantly sour. I had drank proper Belgian lambics before and it was so close, that I actually just finished the beer without complaining and appreciated that a lambic in Hong Kong would have cost me alot more, if I could even find one!

  2. “Furthermore, the clay pot has properties such as biodegradability, rotproofness and vertebration which are all critical elements for storing Kimchi for a prolonged period.”

    I pride myself on having an ample vocabulary but am stumped by the word “vertebration”. The pot has vertebra?

    Now that I think about it, it could be “ventilation”.

    Rotproofness also was troubling — how could it be rotproof and biodegradable at the same time? But I think they mean “anti-fungal” here.

  3. Spoke too soon! Here’s what Wikipedia says about Onggi pots:


    Onggi has one strong advantage over other containers: it is not affected by use or natural phenomena. In fact, onggi can withstand exposure to strong sunshine and rain for a long time.

    Well, that clears that up!

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