TV Shows I Like

Something compels me to tell you the TV shows I really like. In no special order:

  1. The Fall. Gillian Anderson is an out-of-town detective called in to solve a string of murders. On Netflix.
  2. Mom. Humor with a sad undercurrent (this show) is  much better than less-layered humor (The Big Bang Theory, by the same people).
  3. Nashville. As good as Thelma and Louise (by the same person), but longer.
  4. Downton Abbey. No show portrays kindness better.
  5. Survivor. Current season (Blood versus Water), in which returning players playing against their loved ones, might be the best ever.
  6. The Mindy Project. The wittiest TV show. (Hello Ladies is good.)
  7. Masters of Sex. About Masters and Johnson. Early personal science — sex mystified Masters. 
  8. Homeland. The first episode makes me think this season will be even better than the first.
  9. Peaky Blinders. About a Birmingham crime family post World War I.
  10. Mad Men (between seasons).
  11. Episodes (between seasons). Matt LeBlanc plays Matt LeBlanc. Very funny.
  12. Separated at Birth (between seasons).
  13. The Fosters (between seasons). About a foster family.
  14. Veep (between seasons). My favorite show — well, either this or Downton Abbey or Nashville.


5 Replies to “TV Shows I Like”

  1. I generally don’t like television dramas (never liked The Sopranos or Mad Men, for example). But I’ve recently started watching Breaking Bad (via Netflix), and I’m very impressed with the acting, writing, and directing. It’s head and shoulders above your typical TV drama.

  2. @alex chernavskey

    If you didn’t like the sopranos but you do like breaking bad, you might give The Wire a try. Don’t be put off by it being a cop show. I’m not generally a fan, but this was in a different category.

  3. I cannot recommend The Thick of It highly enough. Veep is a spinoff of TTOI. Both are created by Ianucci, but I think TTOI is much better.

    Seth: TTOI was great. I like Veep even more, maybe because Serena (Veep) is even better done than Malcolm (TTOI).

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