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Thanks to Jeff Winkler and Tom George.

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  1. Steve, thanks for posting that. Krakauer could be partially right, in the sense that the beta-ODAP in the seeds (if, indeed, it’s even present) could have been the final straw that broke McCandless’s back.

    I wonder if anyone involved in this subject has ever attempted to eat a substantial amount of those wild-potato seeds in one sitting.

  2. Steve,
    I don’t see a date on the post you cite to, but I think it addresses Krakauer’s 1st and 2nd explanations, while the (very recent) article pointed to by Seth is directed to Krakauer’s 3rd (and he thinks final) explanation.

  3. The Forager’s Harvest piece does a nice job of showing that McCandless could have/would have just plain starved to death and that Krakauer has been pushing poisoning theories for the last 20 years that he now admits were wrong.

    If you look at the following articles, it adds a little more to the controversy.

    esp. the comments of the second article where Krakauer and Clausen go back and forth.

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