Assorted Links

  • The increasing popularity of kvas. “We ferment with ginger and, I believe, longer than other people – for seven to 10 days.”
  • Giving up wine (and other alcohol) for a month. Before this he drank 2 glasses of wine/day.
  • Wellness Mart (in California) makes it easy to get basic medical tests. “In California, you are required to have an order from a doctor for blood tests, but WellnessMart, MD stores all have medical doctors on staff. Our doctors allow their license to be used for basic screening tests because there are some things that really shouldn’t be that difficult to find out. If you don’t have a doctor’s order and you want to run tests that aren’t a part of our standard screening packages, you will be charged a MD Consultation Fee of $25. Our doctor will help you to put together a panel that will accomplish the goals you are looking to accomplish. If the doctor determines that it is not appropriate for you to run the tests you want to run at WellnessMart, MD there will be no charges.”
  • Riding a bike while learning Polish. It helps.

Thanks to Casey Manion and Adam Clemens.

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  1. J.D. Moyer noticed “a slight resurgence in asthma symptoms” during his experiment (40 Days Without Booze). I wonder if it’s due to a reduction in fermented food (alcohol). He could experiment with drinking lassi instead of alcohol to see if he observes the same suppression of asthma symptoms.

  2. re the article on giving up alchol, the author notes that his asthma worsened; i understand that alchol dilates blood vessels; i noticed that when i drank as little as a tablespoon of vodka that i seemed to breath easier. It may be that alchol dilates lung sacs.

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