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  1. From the article about breast-feeding:

    Multiple studies have found hospitals and birth centers often sabotage women’s efforts. For instance, one-quarter of hospitals and birth centers give at least half of healthy breast-feeding newborns formula, according to the surgeon general’s report, and almost three-quarters give breast-feeding mothers “welcome packs” that include formula.

  2. All three of my kids were breastfed and not a single one ever had an ear infection. That’s something that’s almost unheard of (haha).

  3. A brave Baltimore teacher speaks the truth about schools, students

    “I have taught in the Baltimore public school system for the past two decades. What we need is better students. We have many excellent teachers. I cannot count the number of students who have physically destroyed property in the schools.

    “They have trashed brand new computers, destroyed exit signs, set multiple fires, destroyed many, many lockers, stolen teachers’ school supplies, written their filth on the tops of classroom desks, defecated in the bathrooms and stairwells, assaulted teachers (beyond constantly telling them to perform certain impossible acts upon themselves) and refused to do any homework or class work.

  4. Many Chinese mothers take prescription drugs to STOP lactation so that they can quit breastfeeding. You’ve heard of the massive formula consumption in China, no doubt. The people around a new mother will also often pressure her to give her baby formula, making her feel that her milk is inadequate in supply or quality. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when the baby is full of formula & loses incentive to feed naturally.

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