Mental Effects of Butter: “My Video-Gaming is Better”

Based partly on my research, a friend of mine started eating the same amount of butter I do: 4 tablespoons (about 60 g) per day. He described what happened:

I’m noticably smarter since I started butter. Immediately.

Faster insights, faster foreign language processing, increased creativity, faster at math-in-my-head. My video-gaming ability is better, which partly is a measure of my reaction time. Since I log my creativity similarly to my workouts I can view the increased production.

Started butter properly 3 days ago. Haven’t been sleeping well due to workload and digestive issues…yet still my performance keeps [improving]. I suspect it will be yet markedly better again once I get some proper rest.

I am experiencing creativity effects [similar to those] that resulted when I was mindhacking with various racetams along with sublutiamine and centrophenoxine. I have not been taking that brain-stack for a month because it was causing digestive problems. Suddenly with butter all the mind-hacking benefits have returned.

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  1. Seth, I suspect you have covered this before but any thoughts on Dave Asprey’s “Bulletproof Coffee” i.e. coffee with grass fed butter + mct oil added. I have been trying it for the last several months. Prior to April of this year, I drank 3 cups of coffee total in the prior 4 decades, but I’m finding I really like this as part of my routine.

    Seth: I don’t know if mct oil has any effect but butter certainly does. I drink black tea every morning…not so different from coffee.

  2. Do you if any butter is good? I mean, my mother usually buys low cholesterol butter. I still prefer normal butter since as I read from T. Ferriss and others cholesterol is good for Test production. But it would be interesting to know.

    Seth: I tried several brands and price points. I never saw a difference. For example, I found no difference between Land o’Lakes and Strauss butter.

  3. I take typing tests and have found that >50g of butter a day improves accuracy from around 97-98% to 98-100%, I can type about 87-89 wpm eating anything, but when I consume butter within a few minutes my accuracy and speed jumps miraculously to 90-110 wpm.

    I did one week of butter and then a one week washout and then replaced butter with 85% chocolate and the improvements were more substantial than butter, I had never been able to type more than 111 wpm with 100% accuracy, with about 50g of 85% chocolate I typed 117 wpm with 100% accuracy for the first time in my life. 70-75% chocolate was comparable to butter.

    The washout period doesn’t seem to matter and butter and chocolate combined don’t seem to have a compound effect, so in myself chocolate confers what butters seems to and then some.

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