Assorted Links

  • Nassim Taleb makes a good point. There is a huge difference between using what you already know (or think you know), which is engineering, and finding out more, which is science. People who know little about science confuse science and engineering, but they do blend into each other, in the sense that science is using what you already know to learn more and engineering is full of uncertainties.
  • Association of vegetarian diet and death rate (new study). The vegetarian/non-vegetarian comparison interests me less than the vegetarian/pesco-vegetarian (I call them aquaratarians) comparison, which is less confounded. The pesco-vegetarians lived substantially longer than the vegetarians.
  • Levitating Beijingers. What Beijing really looks like.

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  1. Now then, Seth, haven’t I always sung the praises of fish?

    Americans would live longer if they cut back their expenditure on dentists and increased it on fish.

  2. Now, is it the different amino acid profile of fish or is it the added Omega3 fats and iodine that does it . Because, if its the latter, you can simulate that with supplements…

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