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Thanks to Navanit Arakeri and Patrick Vlaskovits.

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  1. Educational reform is a scam.

    The US school system is pretty good. In the US, students with european ancestry do as well or better as in any european country; students with asian ancestry do as well or better as in any asian country; students with hispanic ancestry do as well or better as in any latin american country; and black students do as well or better as in anywhere.

    The growth in the number of Hispanic students has made it look like the US schools are rapidly deteriorating though. And, “something must be done”. Unfortunately, the only way people get improvements is by 1) cheating or 2) keeping students in school longer. So far, cheating has been the preferred solution.

  2. Wouldn’t the second story fall count as evidence that the human genome project and the like are having positive effects right now and demonstrate clear potential for further improvements in quality of life? Perhaps some of this Nobel Prize winning basic research isn’t so bad after all….

    Seth: The beneficial effect of the human genome project has been very small compared to what was promised and what was spent. The example reinforces that — it illustrates a tiny benefit. And this is a success story.

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