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Thanks to Grace Liu.

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  1. Thanks for the continued posts on the benefits of fermented foods. I’ve branched out into them thanks to the info I’ve read here.

    Speaking of foods, have you been following any of the “Soylent” story? An engineer has reduced food to the chemical inputs and developed a drink that “has everthing the body needs.” He and his associates have started a crowdfunding campaign ( that did an initial ask for $100,000 and as of this writing has raised nearly $350,000.

    His blog is at and he documents the first three months of his experience shifting from regular food to Soylent starting back in February.

    A lot of interest out there in changing how we eat. Amazing numbers (to me) on his crowdfunding effort.

    Seth: I hope that something about nutrition is learned from this, but science is very different from engineering. I don’t believe for a second that his drink has everything the body needs, much less the optimal amounts. That shows his ignorance of basics. Whether he can figure this out — his ignorance — is the interesting point for me at the moment.

  2. Seth,
    I don’t know if the probiotics blog post counts as a “good experience” yet. It sounds like something is going on, and the patient has faith. I’d like to see some test results before calling it a good experience. “Die off” always sounds a lot like “I feel like crap but my faith is strong” to my ears.

  3. I am planning to buy the Dorkfood controller because I like sous vide and I think the side benefit is to annoy my wife with the name of the product.
    Is the coupon only for Dorkfood website or is it also useful for Amazon?

    Seth: only Dorkfood website.

  4. The list of indigenous fermented foods was great. After reading thru I made an online order for some Japanese “Hama Natto” — fermented the old-fashioned way for 15 months (pretty pricey though). Picture and (Japanese copy) here.

    Seems to come from the Hamamatsu area (not Hamanadzu — misprint) which is also the area around Lake Hamana.

  5. I’m having a hard time taking the Yahoo! article seriously given its author’s inability to spell Ms. Mayer’s last name correctly.

    Seth: Is there something in the article you disagree with?

  6. Update on my Hama Natto comment:

    My Hama Natto arrived this morning. Completely unlike regular natto: whole soybeans, but not slimy, not stinky, dark brown, tastes like miso. Like the package says, much deeper ‘body’ than miso. Lingers in the mouth. Should be a great condiment on rice.

  7. The sous vide/plastic stuff is interesting. One comment somewhere suggested what seems to me to be a good way to avoid all the plastic/silicone – use sausage casings!

    You can buy rolls of sausage casing online from various online suppliers like or malabar spices, and if you buy the “natural” ones – made from the intestines of pigs, sheep, and cattle, then you can eat it with whatever you cooked in it.

    They also have artifical casings made of collagen, cellulose and (of course) plastic.

    To try before you buy, just buy some real sausages (from a real butcher) and try – keep them linked and clip the ends of the string.

    I have never liked the taste of boiled sausages, but maybe this would work if they were sauteed in butter after cooking, just to brown them a little bit…

  8. Regarding the natto ice cream, I’ve also found that natto is much more palatable when eaten in a partially frozen state. This somewhat weakens the taste, but more importantly eliminates the slimy texture which is arguably its most objectionable quality.

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