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  1. > I point out that certain results in the BMJ are impossible

    And they reply you are misreading it and it’s based on different populations, so it’s not violating the conjunction rule.

    Seth: Thanks, I hadn’t seen that. Their explanation of the discrepancy is that the two graphs are based on different populations.

  2. Your picking out 1999 ACJN journal is cherrypicking a study of very limited value. I am shocked by the very strong selection bias due to the fact that participants are selected for absence of prior disease despite a very high median age (49 for non-vegetarians). There are many other problems, namely a lower-than-national-average intake of meat for meat-eaters, no checking whether labeled “vegetarians” still were vegetarians throughout the study, etc

    Also, many other studies state exactly the contrary (for instance, based on the same EPIC cohort) so at best I think we’ll have to wait for more studies and an honest transversal study on that subject. For the time being, just stating “No mortality difference between vegetarians and non-vegetarians” is purely speculative.

    Seth: All studies have “selection bias” in the sense that you use it. If “vegetarians” were not actually vegetarians, that would reduce observed differences between “vegetarians” and “non-vegetarians” — the wrong way for your claim that the study should be disregarded. I don’t know what a “transversal study” is.

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