News You Can Use: Tonsillectomies Are a Bad Idea

A reader named Nicole, who lives in Washington D.C., writes:

I have been an avid follower of Seth’s blog since first posted something about or by him. And when I heard that my brother was planning to get my niece’s tonsils removed, I remembered the Boingboing article Seth wrote about tonsils and their important, if not completely understood, role as part of our immune system. So I sent that article along. My brother responded quickly with: “Wow, thanks. I won’t be getting her tonsils out any time soon.”

Nice to hear!

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  1. PS. Seth, also look up the latest research from dr. Scott Napper (Canada) and dr. Hilary Longhurst (UK) why are saying that both nose picking and nail biting is good for your immune system as it introduces small amounts of bacteria.

  2. I noticed this article about ADHD maybe being caused by sleep deprivation. This part is interesting: A full half of the original A.D.H.D. group who received tonsillectomies — 11 of 22 children — no longer met the criteria for the condition. In other words, what had appeared to be A.D.H.D. had been resolved by treating a sleeping problem.

    Any thoughts?

    Seth: It’s an excellent article. A new and persuasive idea that I hadn’t heard before. That the author himself had sleep & ADHD-like problems partly explains its excellence, I think.

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