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Thanks to Peter McLeod, John Batzel and Joseph Sinatra.

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  1. Re resveratrol and wine – one of the interesting theories I’ve read about wine’s benefits (can’t remember where I saw it) is that it has to do with the alcohol. Many people think the biggest danger of high blood sugars is in the first 2 hours or so of eating. Meals that might spike blood sugars really high in a person susceptible to carbs/sugars are ameliorated by the alcohol in the wine since alcohol apparently will stop the liver from chugging out sugars into the blood. By the time the alcohol is processed, the danger of high BS is past. Don’t know if this is true, but it’s an interesting theory to me.

  2. ”Foreign-born children residing in the United States had half the risk of developing allergies than those who were born here.” When I was a child (1950s) it was a subject of some amusement in Britain that Americans were forever complaining about their allergies.

    That may have been when I had the first glimmering of the notion that many American health problems are probably caused by making far too many visits to the dentist.

    Seth: Maybe antibiotics were/are more freely prescribed to children in America than children in Britain. It is a little shocking how freely they are given out here.

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