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  1. Even if the climatologists had acted with caution, respect, and integrity (which they blatantly haven’t), they should still be held accountable for the huge misdirection of resources and funds that has taken and continues to take place. The environmental cost of so-called “bio-fuels” alone is appalling.

  2. Since you are interested in hormesis did you find surprising your brain-test results when you removed your mercury amalgams? If both results like your brain-tests and the ones you link at hormesis articles are true then for low dose stressors we have, some times good some times bad. Some of the bad can probably be interpreted as hormesis because good for something inside you (cancer cells or a microorganism) in a small time scale (months) can be bad for you (and for this thing inside you) in a bigger time scale (several years until it kills you). Also something bad in our culture might have been good in an other, we would probably call many shamans (who were respected persons in their tribes) mentally disturbed. The properties of mind that are respected have changed and I am wondering how I should interpret your decreased performance in your arithmetic tests. So some times I end up thinking that whatever will turn out to be true we will be able to talk about hormesis. I do not imply by this that this knowledge is not useful.

    Seth: Yes, I was surprised. Partly because the brain test results are very hard to improve for a long time. (Now and then they get better for a single test.) Removal of the mercury amalgam fillings caused an apparently permanent improvement. Partly because the improvement was so clear.

  3. I had mercury amalgams fillings removed from my teeth about 10 years ago. I personally find it interesting that my migraine headaches have subsided from once a month to now only 4 times a year. For me, the findings are pretty clear.

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