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Thanks to Hal Pashler.

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  1. Seth, I read Nature of Economies after being introduced to some of her economic views on this blog, and I was blown away. It’s the closest thing to a general theory of economics that I’ve ever come across. Reading Antifragility by Nassim Taleb, I can detect a strong Jacobs influence in his tendency to look to mother nature for economic guidance. But it’s tragic that her influence hasn’t made a dent in mainstream thinking. Probably due to the fact that her bottom-up views don’t leave much room for economic planners.

    Seth: I believe that Taleb, who is also anti-planner, is having more of an influence than Jacobs ever had. Maybe the Internet has a democratizing effect.

  2. Dear Seth, regarding your practice of delaying breakfast in order to preventearly awakening, does coffee count as breakfast? I usually drink black unsweetened coffee (and water) when I wake at 4 or 5am, but otherwise delay food until 11 or 12. Thanks!

    Seth: Food with no calories doesn’t count as as breakfast. On the other hand, the effect of caffeine is unclear. It probably causes some sort of anticipation — whether helpful or harmful, hard to say.

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