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Thanks to Paul Nash, Grace Liu and Anne Weiss.

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  1. The H. pylori study might also mean that NSAIDs & Aspirin are safer than we think if the background rate of Ulcers is higher than previously believed. There were a couple of studies with long-term Aspirin use that showed no increase in the risk for GI bleed (WARFASA & ASPIRE, for those interested).

  2. Ineffective ulcer treatments and ineffective flu vaccines are just minor parts of the unscientific disaster known as modern medicine. Much more harm is caused by the millions of unnecessary prescriptions that doctors write for addictive painkillers and antidepressants and steroids.

    Instead of spending billions of dollars on new health care programs, here are my suggestions:
    1. Let’s completely shut down the entire US medical system, with exceptions for obvious (and fixable) problems like broken bones.
    2. If anybody feels sick, give them free placebos in the form of Peanut M&Ms. Nuts and chocolate have proven health benefits, unlike most BigPharma junk.
    3. Let’s retrain all MDs to become public school teachers. Maybe they’ll develop some humility when they discover that, unlike adult patients, kids of all ages are more likely to ask “Why?” or say “No” — or just laugh — when an arrogant old fool in a long white coat says something totally stupid.
    4. After at least 10 years as teachers, the former MDs could be evaluated. Those that have actually developed humility and skills at listening and explaining could return to medicine. Those who are still arrogant fools could be sent to different jobs, like working with large carnivorous animals in wildlife sanctuaries. Lions and tigers will enjoy the new protein sources.

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