Assorted Links

  • Olive oil and the Willat Effect. “You can read about great olive oils, and their vast superiority over bad oils, all you want. . . . But until you try first-rate olive oil for yourself – actually put the good stuff in your mouth, and compare that experience to the bad stuff you’ve eaten in the past – you won’t really get it. . . . . Once you taste fine olive oils and their low-class imitations [side by side], though, you start to care.”
  • Petraeus Affair: The journalism of what we don’t know.
  • Tucker Max on book publishing. Disruptive innovation for popular authors.
  • Animal self-medication. Sick animals eat differently than healthy animals.

Thanks to Alex Blackwood.

2 Replies to “Assorted Links”

  1. Animal self-medication? Really?

    So animals, living in the wild, are able to take actions to ward off diseases and pathogens? You mean that millions of years of Darwinian evolution have selected for healthful behaviors?

    Nobody who understands evolution should be surprised. But BigPharma and their shill salespersons (a.k.a. MDs) keep insisting on drugs and surgeries and devices that interfere with naturally evolved healing processes.

    Do very many medical schools even bother to teach courses — or majors — in evolutionary medicine to medical students? Of course not! BigPharma companies and their shill doctors would lose billions in annual profits if people would follow other animals’ examples and just eat fresh natural foods.

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