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  1. The Lynn Margulis piece is great. But people should realize that it is almost 20 years old. (And, as far as I’m concerned, the Lee Smolin comment is the best.)

    Seth: Huh. I didn’t know that. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. I also find Lynn Margulis piece great.Also I find it strange that you dont see her mentioned (at least I havent) in blogs related to “paleo diets or lifestyle”.You see other people mentioned like richard dawkins. I find it strange because in the paleo diet community (choose whatever meaning you want) 1)we think we are heretics , 2)we think a lot about evolution,3)we dont have heretical opinions about evolution. heretical opinions in evolution doesnt have to mean young earth creationist.Lynn Margulis is an example of what else it can mean.I suppose is no accident I see her mentioned here 1)seth is an original heretic 2)seth pays attention to bacteria

  3. From Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday.
    “When I read in August that the talented Hollywood film director Tony Scott had killed himself without any apparent good reason, I was fairly sure that pretty soon we would find that the poor man had been taking ‘antidepressants’.
    Well, a preliminary autopsy has found ‘therapeutic’ levels of an ‘antidepressant’ in his system. I take no pleasure in being right, but as the scale of this scandal has become clear to me, I have learned to look out for the words ‘antidepressant’ or ‘being treated for depression’ in almost any case of suicide and violent, bizarre behaviour. And I generally find it.”

    Seth: very interesting. Hitchens might be the best-known person to make this point.

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