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  • You can major in Fermentation Science. No joke. When I was eight, I learned the concept of college major. I asked my mom, “What did you major in?” “Extracurricular activities,” she said. I failed to get the joke. She later explained she had spent more time working on the school paper than on her classes.
  • In a famous paper, the statistician Ronald Fisher accused Mendel of faking his data. Fisher wrote: “the data of most, if not all, of the experiments have been falsified so as to agree closely with Mendel’s expectations.” This is not terribly consistent with the fact that Mendel’s highly improbable conclusions were correct. It’s as if Fisher had said “Person X used false info to claim he is worth $10 billion” and (b) in fact Person X is worth $10 billion. You can see that (a) and (b) may both be literally correct but that the term “false info” (Fisher’s “falsified”) probably conveys the wrong impression. This paper (“A Statistical Model to Explain the Mendel–Fisher Controversy”) has a more plausible explanation of the pattern in the data that Fisher noticed.
  • Conflict of interest in the Nobel Prize in Literature. The conflicts of interest underlying the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine — which are given out for “pure” science, thus  justifying more funding — remain unnoticed by journalists.

Thanks to Bryan Castañeda.

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  1. Peter at hyperlipid talks about the Look Ahead study’s being halted early because of a supposed lack of difference between the studies arms, pointing out that it’s possible that the true reason the study was halted was that It was well on its way of proving that the standard of care kills people (all cause mortality In the intervention arm was higher than the other arm (and rising) when they cut off the study.)

    In other words, it’s very likely that halting the study is a massive cover-up that will permit the standard of care from being corrected, resulting in the continued pointless deaths of thousands of people.

    They will do anything to keep from proving the unsurprising conclusion that feeding diabetics huge amounts of carbohydrate (the ADA diet) for years kills them.

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