New Product: Cascal Fermented Soda

This low-calorie soda (60 to 80 calories in a 12-ounce can) falls somewhere between kombucha and less-sweet sodas such as the aptly named GUS (Grown Up Soda). Its hook is the use of fermented juices as its base, resulting in a more complex flavor than sodas and sparkling waters based on plain juice.

$1.25 at Whole Foods. I’m in.

My interest in fermented foods partly derives from learning about a similar product. At a Fancy Food Show a few years ago, I learned about someone who wanted to develop a high-end non-alcoholic alternative to wine. He found he couldn’t get enough complexity without fermentation. That emphasized to me how our food preferences — in this case, a desire for complexity — push us to eat fermented foods.

3 Replies to “New Product: Cascal Fermented Soda”

  1. That’s because the tingle from Kombucha *is* carbonation.
    You also get the same carbonation from normal yeast ferments, using whey, and kefir-water grains.

    If you really want to answer your own question, try drinking some club soda and see what you think.

    Then shake some kombucha to make it go flat – but keep it cool, and try that.

    There is simply no comparison, and that is why so many “gourmet” foods, the world over, are fermented.

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