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  1. Genetically modified crops can explain why many of Seths health methods work,
    such as avoiding carbs helps avoid wheat containing insect poison making guts leak, and eating fermented foods makes G.M. poison producing bacterias outcompeted, etc.

    This movie is quite scientific, and its hypotheses quite interesting:

  2. where are my manners, should have said Hi Seth first…..Hi Seth,
    off topic i know,
    just interested to know if you are still taking 2 tablespoons (approx 30ml/just under 30 grams) of flax oil a day?

    Seth: Yes. When I am in China I eat about 60 g of ground flaxseed instead. Can’t get good flaxseed oil in China.

  3. Aha, flaxseed (aka linseed). I accidentally sprouted a flaxseed recently. Have you any experience with eating flax shoots? Are they as tasty as bean shoots? (I didn’t try eating mine since it had sprouted in a compost bin.)

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