Want to Track Your Brain Function?

I am looking for people who want to try a mental test I have developed to track brain function. You do it on your laptop, once or more per day. One test session takes three minutes. For five years, I’ve been using various tests to track my brain function — first, balance, then, for a long time, arithmetic speed. The new test is better than these earlier tests, at least for me, because I find it enjoyable, which makes it easy to do several times/day. Via brain tracking, I have found that flaxseed oil and butter make my brain work considerably better. I was also able to find the best dosages. I believe that learning what foods (and dosages) make your brain work best is a good way to figure out what foods (and dosages) are best for the rest of your body. For example, after I figured out what amount of flaxseed oil was best for my brain, my gums became much healthier (less inflammation). The new test, which I do more often than the older tests, has made clear that there are all sorts of reliable yet mysterious ups and down in my brain function. I was unaware of this.

I want to find out what happens when other people use the new test. I am looking for a small number of people to do the test at least daily and send me their data at least weekly for at least 3 months. The test requires a computer running Windows 7. The test is written in R (free), but you don’t need to know R to use it. The installation requires details that I will need to handle by talking with you.

To find people to do this, I will use a bidding system. (Giving a program to those who ask for it is a waste of time, I have found.) The questions below ask for two bids: non-refundable and refundable. If you use it as promised — you set the details of how much you will use it — you get back the refundable amount.

If this interests you, please apply by sending an email to try.brain.tracking (at) gmail.com with answers to the following questions (as email text, not attachment):

  1. Name, age, sex, location, job.
  2. Computer you will use it on (e.g., Thinkpad 520), age of computer, operating system.
  3. Phone number (and Skype id, if any). I need to talk to you to set it up.
  4. Website or blog (if any).
  5. Any relevant expertise or experience? (e.g., work with computers, researcher, other self-tracking)
  6. Non-refundable amount. How much (U.S. dollars) are you willing to pay (via PayPal) to get this test?
  7. Over 3 months, on what fraction of days will you commit to doing the test at least once? at least twice?
  8. Refundable amount. This money will be refunded if you meet the goals you set in Question 7 and send me the data at least 6 times (spaced at least one week apart).
  9. Anything you want to add?

You will get an automated reply. After that, I will contact you only if I want more information or if yours is one of the winning bids.



2 Replies to “Want to Track Your Brain Function?”

  1. “…send me the data at least 6 weeks.”

    It looks as if there is a word or phrase missing here. Perhaps you meant:
    “…send me the data [for] at least 6 weeks.”

  2. I must not be the only one of your readers who has (only) a Mac.

    Seth: The brain tracking program uses an R program only available for Windows. There is no easy way around this, I have found.

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