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Thanks to Tim Beneke and Bryan Castañeda.

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  1. Have you seen the latest ads asking for support of lung cancer research? The “do they deserve to die” kind?

    Seth: No, haven’t seen them. Good point.

  2. In Queensland, Australia, breast cancer screening has been devolved from a state to a local hospital responsibility, which some are seeing as cancelling it entirely (partly because a $44m/year agency is being defunded). I am tempted (but don’t, because politics) to post about mammograms being not very useful.

  3. In Gerd Gigerenzer’s excellent book on Risk he remarks that German oncologists overwhelmingly reserve their recommendation of mammography (for the non symptomatic) to their patients. They don’t apply it to themselves or, if male, to their wives.

    Seth: How telling. Sort of like the Freakonomics story about real estate agents..

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