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  1. The cessation of psoriasis was probably a function of ceasing to eat wheat, rather than of losing weight…

    Psoriasis in a nationwide cohort study of patients with celiac disease.

    Serologic markers of celiac disease in psoriatic patients.

    Lots of mystery skin ailments seem to be caused by wheat consumption, not just dermatitis herpetiformis. What’s interesting is the excema, they’re now finding, is caused by a breakdown in the tight junctions of the skin. Celiac’s hallmark is the breakdown of tight junctions in the intestine, but obviously it can also affect the skin, since dermatitis herpetiformis = celiac disease.

    It will be interesting to see what the mechanisms turn out to be for non-celiac gluten sensitivity…

  2. I’ve seen psoriasis apparently cured by a vitamin-D/K combo. Sunlight by itself helped but did not tame it. (Self-diagnosis, never went to a doctor about it. Using the Thorne Research D/K2 droplets and I’m curious if anyone else has seen this effect. Vitamin D by itself didn’t do it either.)

    This jibes with the article where he attributes it to green veggies, which tend to have K.

  3. The fake Bagel Company was interesting. The vast majority of “likes” came from Egypt, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Maybe Facebook is so new for these people that they click the Like button to indicate “I have read it”. Probably a lot of it is simply, “It was written in English but I understood it!”

    Notice that he got almost no response from English-speaking countries.

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