Where to Buy Miso in Tokyo

In Tokyo I went to a shop that specialized in miso. It sold about thirty varieties, several of which I liked very much. There is a choice of packaging: hard or soft. The hard packages could be used for gifts. The phone number of the shop is 03(3841)7116, which you can use to google it. It is in the Hanakawado district, between Kototoi Dori and Edo Dori, near the Senso-ji Temple and the Amuse Museum. It is open 9 am to 6 pm. Maybe closed Sunday.

Address: 2 – 8 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo Hanakawado 〒 111-0033, which 0.23 km from the Asakusa Station.

Incidentally, nowadays I tend to eat miso with a poached egg. Boil 0.8 cup water, add egg, cook until poached, add the miso which has been mixed with 0.1 cup water.

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  1. Interesting. How much miso?

    Seth: Start with 1.5 tablespoons. Strangely enough this is the part of the recipe I am least sure of.

  2. Definitely closed Sundays. I’ve been back there several times, still picking up the Hatcho Miso which is pure non-GMO soybean fermented for a minimum of 3 years.

  3. Wow, 1.5 tablespoons mixed with 0.9 cup of water makes for a very miso-y concoction. Will give it a go though, thanks

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