Assorted Links

  • All about kefir
  • Fraud and waste at a New York hospital. From the comments you can see that the problems have lasted decades.  If someone is always sick, year after year, it means there is something about their sickness (about health in general, actually) we do not understand. Likewise, the decades-long persistence of huge problems at this hospital suggests there is something fundamental about regulation (and perhaps health care) we do not understand.
  • This paper about how well blood uric acid level predicts mortality, which appeared in 2004, did not get nearly the attention it deserves. I was shocked by its existence — American medical school professors are almost incapable of good research. Well, it’s from Finland.
  • David Healy’s new blog.

Thanks to Bruce Charlton, Jazi Zilber, Melissa McEwen and Alex Chernavsky.

3 Replies to “Assorted Links”

  1. “…whether its relationship to cardiovascular
    events is circumstantial or causal remains to
    be answered.”

    Has it been answered?

  2. Serum uric acid levels serve as an easily available and inexpensive risk marker, but whether it is an “innocent bystander,” a “partner in crime,” or even a protector in proximity to CVD cannot be answered based on observational studies.

    These guys are too reasonable for their own good. Since they didn’t shout “Stop eating meat!” to the media they were simply ignored.

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