Flavour, a New Scientific Journal

A new online open-access journal called Flavour has just started publication. The first issue has three articles and an editorial.

The journal

encourages contributions not only from the academic community but also from the growing number of chefs and other food professionals who are introducing science into their kitchens. . . . often in collaboration with academic research groups.

The first set of articles has an example of a collaboration between chefs and professional scientists — how to get a strong umami flavor from Nordic seaweed. Then you add the flavor to ice cream. Which reminds me of dessert at a friend’s house where he poured expensive balsamic vinegar on vanilla ice cream.

Thanks to Melissa McEwen.

2 Replies to “Flavour, a New Scientific Journal”

  1. Off topic: Seth, in a video of a lecture you gave, you were wearing orange goggles, presumably because it was after sunset. Do you have a source for those goggles?

    Seth: I got mine from Amazon. They cost about $7.

  2. David,

    following Seth’s advice I decided to buy myself similar goggles, but was unable to find anything like this within my reach.

    So I decided to order custom glasses from an optician’s shop (my eyesight is good, so lenses are not corrective). I chose the biggest frame I could find, but it was small nevertheless.

    After getting my glasses I found out that my eyes hurt when I wear them!

    I contacted the optician’s and they told me that never did they hear about someone’s eyes hurting when wearing non-corrective lenses.

    I don’t know yet what causes this. Probably the frame is too small. I just wanted to warn you that it’s sensible to try the lens for 5-10 minutes before buying.

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