Google Analytics: “Make This Version Default”

I use Google Analytics to measure web traffic to my blog, forums, and website. A few months ago a new version was introduced and, as far as I can tell, made the default. The new version is worse than the old version. Every time I use GA, I click on “old version”.

In an excess of confidence, the new version isn’t merely the default, it also has a link called “make this version default”. The old version has no such link. There seems to be no way to make the old version the default. It is a Google version of “this sentence is false.”

More Apparently someone from Google read this or was told about it. The problem has been fixed.

Even More And then someone changed it back — it remains unclear how to make the old version the default.

4 Replies to “Google Analytics: “Make This Version Default””

  1. Heh, I guess they are trying to unify the look-and-feel of several different webapps and in the process they are making a lot of them worse. They will probably completely deprecate the old versions eventually.

  2. Is Google making some crazy decisions lately or what? I could not believe they just killed off PostRank, probably their coolest acquisition ever, without ever letting it’s coolest feature see the light of day in Google form (the feature that automagically identified top posts on any blog).

    As Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb summarizes this and other dismal closures, “Google announced today that it is closing a number of services that it wasn’t able to attract millions of users to without making any effort.”

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