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  • More evidence that the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) diet really helps people with Crohn’s Disease. “Since starting this diet, I have had no pain. Some might attribute this to surgery, but I am convinced the diet has so much to do with it. My blood work is normal, and it hasn’t been in 8 years. The sed rate level in the blood is normal instead of elevated outrageously.”
  • How to improve on lectures when teaching physics.
  • More selenium, less risk of cancer. Contrary to what the researcher quoted in this article says, there is already substantial evidence that selenium reduces cancer risk. For example, in a county-by-county map of USA cancer rates, there is a clear rift in the north east. On one side of the rift rates are clearly higher than on the other side of the rift. The rift corresponds to geological fault line. On the low-cancer side of the rift, there is more selenium in the soil. There are also rat experiments. You certainly should take selenium supplements.
  • American health care plays a surprisingly large role in an excellent story by Peter Hessler in The New Yorker about the Japanese yakuza (mafia). 1. From 2000 to 2004, four yakuza members got liver transplants at UCLA at a time when liver transplants were hard to get. A few months later they made large donations to UCLA. The money went into a general fund at the surgery department. According to a UCLA spokesperson, there was no connection between the transplants and the donations. According to a UCLA press release, “No money or donation was offered or paid to anyone at UCLA as a quid pro quo for getting a transplant or moving up on the list.” Because a general fund is not a person, this is literally true. 2. In the early 1990s, at a Columbia, Missouri hospital, a nurse was suspected of killing patients. Hospital administrators covered it up. “Everyone took part in the coverup was promoted, everybody who tried to expose it was punished,” said someone who tried to expose it.

Thanks to Alex Chernavsky.

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  1. Re: Hospital administrator’s cover-up. Read today’s WSJ by Edward Jay Epstein. He recounts how the CIA covered up their own incompetence and resulted in exposure of National Secrets.

    “The obstacle to finding the mole is the intelligence service itself, which attempts to rid itself of the mole hunter. It doesn’t want to admit that it has been gulled—a story that’s all too rooted in reality. “

  2. You know that Brazil Nuts (or, the Brazil Nut tree) are selenium concentrators? O ne kernel has about 120% of the RDI.
    I find it fascinating how some foods are just crazy high in one nutrient, when compared even to similar foods.

  3. Hey Seth here is a Crohn’s infographic:

    Showing more evidence that trying a side-effect free change, specific carbohydrate diet, in this case is as effective as most conventional pharmaceutical and surgery options. Which all come with public known side effects.

    One would could also deduce that if you coupled several of the safe natural treatments on that list, for instance SCD diet, fish oil, probiotics, vitamin D, and stress reduction you could easily have a recipe for complete remission of Crohn’s disease. The success stories in my inbox from people using strategies like the one above AFTER failing with conventional drugs is astounding!

  4. The Negative Results of the SELECT Study Do Not
    Necessarily Discredit the Selenium-Cancer Prevention

    Is headline of the work relating differences of different kinds of selenium

  5. Re physicist’s teaching: I guess the physicists just learned from the most dismal part of the dismal science – this is pretty much the way MBA courses are taught, at least the good ones: (1) reading assignments, (2) group projects, mainly around case studies, (3) significant classroom participation…

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