Two Years on the Shangri-La Diet

Alex Chernavsky, who often comments here, has updated his Shangri-La Diet (SLD) page. It now shows his weight over four years: two years before he started SLD and two years that he has been doing it.

Before he started SLD he was slowly gaining weight. After he started SLD, he went from 220 pounds (BMI = 32) to 193 pounds. He slowly gained a few pounds. Then (on my advice) he added a tablespoon of nose-clipped coconut butter and the steady climb stopped. Ffor about nine months has been steady at 195  pounds (BMI = 28). In other words, there is no sign that he is regaining the lost weight.

Because Alex has added a lot of omega-3 to his diet (via flaxseed oil), I’m sure his health has improved in other ways. Because he is a vegan, he had no interest in a conventional (Atkins) low-carb diet.

Alex reminded me that a doctor named Quigley left the following comment:

I’ve tried to find data that your diet works for SUSTAINED weight reduction in a study that would be applicable to a generalizable population. As you know, temporary weight loss is relatively easy. Sustained weight loss (wt loss > 2 yrs), is hard. If your diet can do it, I’d prescribe it every day.


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  1. Dr. Quigley should read my thread as well. I did SLD throughout my weight loss (I think that took about two years) and have been weight stable via eating paleo for the past two years at around 170 (it fluctuates a bit but always goes back down).
    I started at 285. I’m 6’3.

    If Dr. Quigley were actually the sort of person who understood he at least could be wrong, I’d be happy to talk to him. The difference between the old me and the new me is so striking that it shocks even me when I look in the mirror, and I find myself having to get comfortable with getting a lot more attention. Unfortunately, very few people appear to be able to take the transparently obvious evidence before their eyes.

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