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  • Harvard professors behaving badly: Alan Dershowitz. “In a phone interview Dershowitz denied writing to the Governor [of California], declaring, “My letter to the Governor doesn’t exist.” But when pressed on the issue, he said, “It was not a letter. It was a polite note.”” Dershowitz wrote the Governor of California to try to keep the University of California Press from publishing Beyond Chutzpah by Norman Finkelstein, which calls The Case for Israel by Dershowitz “among the most spectacular academic frauds ever published on the Israel-Palestine conflict”. Finkelstein’s book says nothing about whether Dershowitz actually wrote it. According to a statement from the UC Press, “[Finkelstein] wondered why Alan Dershowitz, in recorded appearances after [The Case For Israel] was published, seemed to know so little about the contents of his own book.”
  • Umami Burger takes Manhattan.
  • The trouble with measuring students on only one dimension: South Korea
  • Why do twins differ? Both twins have autism spectrum disorder, but one has the disorder much more than the other. Guess which one  was “given powerful drugs to battle an infection”?

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  1. Finkelstein’s career has been ruined ever since he started taking on the powerful Israeli lobby. Several universities have been pressured out of hiring him. Meanwhile a liar and fraud like Dershowitz has a comfortable well paid seat at Harvard where he advocates legalized torture.

    With the recent death of Christopher Hitchens Steve Sailer wrote that no one has paid a price for being wrong on the iraq war, – and no one who was right (hat it would be a disaster) was rewarded or even acknowledged.

    Likewise, to date, not one top figure in the mortgage meltdown/crisis has gone to jail, despite obvious criminal activity.

    This is what a corrupt society looks like.

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