Assorted Links

  • More about the Stapel fraud. The whole report.
  • participatory action research. “A way to increase understanding of how change in one’s actions or practices can mutually benefit a community of practitioners.” More practical than most academic research. Edging toward group self-experimentation.
  • At a Reed College alumni lunch, I sat next to a professor of economics. “What do you think of Jane Jacobs?” I said. “Who’s that?” she said. I am glad to learn that Elinor Ostrom, winner of a recent Nobel Prize in economics, was influenced by Jacobs. Ostrom is a political science professor.
  • recently. I first realized the power of self-experimentation when it showed my dermatologist was wrong.
  • Monopolies of knowledge (Wikipedia entry).

Thanks to Bryan Castañeda, Lemniscate, Dave Lull and Reihan Salam.

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  1. Stapel reminds me of Bernie Madoff, which I suppose isn’t surprising. A big fraud by an individual requires clever social engineering. If someone is arrogant or dismissive when asked for their sources of information, be careful!

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