Arthritis Relief From Flaxseed Oil

From the Shangri-La Diet forums:

I have just been doing the flaxseed oil for a few days and I am experiencing a dramatic decrease of my arthritis pain! It is a wonderful benefit. . . . My doctor friend who told me about the SLD told me that the flaxseed oil would help my arthritis as well, but I never expected anything this dramatic or quick!

A friend of mine noticed something similar: his sore back stopped hurting shortly after he started taking flaxseed oil. If he skipped a day or so, the pain returned. Update: Reminded of this, he said, “I had forgotten all about that. When people ask me how my back is I tell them it never bothers me anymore since I stopped going to the gym.”

Update 2: At first the arthritis sufferer took 4 1200-mg capsules 3 times/day — that is, 12 capsules per day. Then she increased her dosage to 6 capsules 3 times/day (= 18 capsules/day).

Update 3. ” Yesterday, I was off to work and could not find my oil capsules.  I didn’t have time to look for them, so I resigned myself to doing sugar water during the day.  . . .  I did notice a small but significant worsening of the pain in my knees.  When I got home, I found the capsules, and began taking them again.  By the time I woke up this morning, I noted that my knees are again feeling better.”


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  1. I’ll chime in here as well. I began taking the oil about a month ago to see if it could improve my gum health. Instead I have noticed considerable improvement in some pain in my back and somewhat arthritic hip. Still working on the gums.

  2. Hey Seth, I’m also living in China (Shanghai, to be exact) and I’ve been having a hard time finding flaxseed. I’ve looked at all the local pharmacies and TCM stores. Can’t find it anywhere. Any hints?

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