The Rules of the Tunnel by Ned Zeman

I loved Ned Zeman’s new book The Rules of the Tunnel, which I read during a long plane flight. Not only does it combine three of my favorite subjects — high-end magazines, bipolar disorder, and the crappiness of modern psychiatry — but it’s very well-written and revealing. I haven’t enjoyed a book so much in a long time.

Zeman once wrote for Spy, as did I. Long ago, I met him at a Spy party. I suppose I could have gotten a free copy of his book but I bought it. I wanted something great to read on the plane.

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  1. My bi-polar symptoms went away a few month after I started taking a supplement from Canada for bi-polar (emPower Plus from This was six years ago, and I discontinued Lithium et. al. six months later.

    I don’t know for sure of course, if the supplement was what did the trick, but I keep hoping it lasts, I haven’t had any severe mood swings in the six years, thepsychiatrist was skeptical, said maybe the bi-polar “spun itself out.” My wife said: My husband’s back!”

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