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  1. Unfortunately, the colonic health study does not appear, at first glance, to indicate the specific sources of the foods provided. It is likely that typical factory/industrial foods were provided to the individuals in this study. It would be interesting to see the results of HP/hflc industrial compared to ‘primal’/paleo non-industrial hp/hflc.

  2. Interesting that taurine may be helpful for eczema. Isn’t taurine a sulfur-rich amino acid?

    If I recall correctly, sulfur—particularly in the form enjoyed by people who bathe in those hot springs that smell like rotten eggs—has long been reputed to promote skin health.

    Incidentally, on the same thread that you link to, one commenter remarks upon the beneficial properties of MSM lotion for eczema. MSM also contains a lot of sulfur.

    As for my own eczema, a type that my doctor called “neurodermatitits,” I suffered with it for the better part of a decade. Once I finally understood that what goes into my mouth might actually have some bearing on the state of my health, I began to consume both flax oil and fish oil.

    Within two months my condition had improved to the extent that I no longer needed a dermatologist. I don’t miss him, his ineffectual steroid creams, or his bills one bit.

    I have been eczema-free for several years now. I still take omega-3, in addition to a number of other supplements, and enjoy excellent health.

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